Colin Caruso opened CARU’s doors on February 17th 2006. As well as being an owner and master colorist at CARU he also is an international trainer and in 2017 was appointed Artistic Director of Professional Hair Color for Paul Mitchell.

CARU is all about going above and beyond our customer’s expectations. We grew tremendously by hiring professionals who genuinely care about the people they work with and on. We’ve been a Paul Mitchell Focus salon since we opened our doors in 2006. I believe honesty is key to any long-term relationship. I couldn’t see joining forces with company’s whose main objectives are to make money off of our salon and our guests. Paul Mitchell’s commitment to the professional beauty industry is second to none. Partner with the company that not only loves you back, but has your back.

I want my staff to be happy and successful in a creative and inspiring environment. That’s why I started CARU. That said there is no single definition of success. It varies from person to person. The most important thing to me, as an owner, is to know that every team member cannot only define their version of success, but can achieve it. It’s funny to say, but as I get older I realise it’s more important to know where you are then it is to focus on where you might be going. At the end of everyday I reflect back on what worked and what I could’ve done better. That’s as far ahead as I go.

CARU is known for providing above and beyond customer service experiences. We make our guest’s look and feel amazing. Our belief is that anyone can create beautiful hair. And that alone can get you pretty far. But if you want to separate from the pack, focus on your service skills as much as your hair skills. Experience as much as you can in this life and bring it all back to hair. Our culture at CARU was developed with the notion that everyone is an individual and therefore every guest’s needs must be attended. Stay educated, stay inspired and make sure every client is cared for, as they deserve.

-Colin Caruso